Believe it or not, planning for BSF2014 is already well underway. As a matter of fact our committee had begun planning it before BSF2013 had even taken place, such is the enormity of the behind-the-scenes operation needed to put together one of Britain's biggest and friendliest bear events! (What? You thought we just phoned round a few venues a week or two in advance then turned up with smiles on our faces and our fingers crossed?!) 

We can't give away too much just yet but let's just say, it's gonna be big! Put the dates in your diary now, we can confirm it's all happening on the weekend of Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th October 2014 with the usual "Early Bears" event on the Thursday evening.



Jason Green
23/12/2013 4:00pm

Loving it, im definitly comin next tear

23/12/2013 4:04pm

We look forward to seeing you, Jason!

Robbie Campbell
23/12/2013 4:54pm

I have mobility problems due to amputated leg.
Are the.bearScots venues accessible

24/12/2013 9:56am

Hi Robbie - I'm not actually involved, so I'm sure the Bearscots guys will get back to you later.

Out of the five venues WE went to this year (The Street, The Caves, CC Blooms, Electric Circus & New Town Bar) - I would suggest that the New Town Bar has the potential to prove the most difficult (it's a Basement based bar and the toilets, etc are even further underground).

However; Electric Circus, CC Blooms & The Street - while based over several floors, both offer a great atmosphere on their entry level without having to Navigate any steps.

Whilst 'The Caves' have a very popular Mezzanine floor, the ground floor offers Bars, Facilities but due to the historical nature of the venue, the ground surface isn't the most level.

Again, I'm sure the guys from Bearscots would be glad to give you a full update in an email!

24/12/2013 4:14pm

We'd agree with everything you've said Sam. Many thanks!

24/12/2013 4:12pm

Hi Robbie,

not all of our venues offer great access but many (including CC Blooms, The Caves and Electric Circus) offer ease of access. We've certainly had guys with limited mobility attend in previous year (including wheelchair users) and they certainly seem to have enjoyed the weekend. If you can let us know your needs in advance we'll do everything we can to ensure you do too!

dj konasir
23/12/2013 4:56pm

id love to Dj again ;)

24/12/2013 4:06pm

Great! We loved having you last year. We will be meeting in the New Year to discuss plans, so can't make any promises yet ... but your offer is duly noted! :-)

rob Govan
04/01/2014 11:05am

Just Booked our hotel, Travelodge Central £153. Bargain!! bring it on Bears! can't wait to see you all again x

04/01/2014 2:47pm

Great news Rob! Love to hear so many if you boys are getting organised good and early!

11/01/2014 1:48am

last year was my 1st bear event ever and fully enjoyed it but i am looking to see if anyone is hotel sharing and if anyone i can share hotel with. Is there anyone whom can help me out please

19/03/2014 9:26pm

Great to see an early October date again. Booked hotel and got a good deal. When will registration be open?

Tom & Patrick
08/04/2014 5:12am

We will be in Scotland that weekend and may join in the fun. Where can we find info regarding ticket purchase?


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